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I am an MBA student doing my thesis on anger management and would like some feedback on the following questions:

Please assist in these polls;

Now if you are in a management position how do you cope with aggression, and issues relating to aggression, even you’re own, and that of others effectively…


Do you attack it, surrender to it, or just retreat from it?


Please leave a comment, for debate…

The questions that I would like to entertain are the following, I seek your inputs on this, you may also ask other questions and I will post it…

My research into Anger Management covers the following as premise;

A)      What is anger management really?

Please let me know how you perceive it, define it, construct your approach and then practice it…

B)      What works and what is just a pure waste of time?

Has any specific approach or technique ever worked consistently well, or rendered better results for you, than others, that you will recommend?

C) Case study;

  • Is there a person that has anger issues in your life that is constantly moody?
    • (Is there any observable trigger, or triggers?)
  • How does a manager motivate such an angry person, to not get angry so often, in your opinion?
  • If these people are not angry, do they make quick judgement calls, are they productive people – or are they laid-back, and lazy is there any correlation here?
  •  What will your guiding decision be when dealing with angered people in addressing the issues as a manager; will you look at the resolve being beneficial to only the individual himself or for the company? What will sway you, and why?
  • How will this person react when his anger is addressed?
  • How does this person react when his decisions are overruled, or if he gets no recognition for his defence towards anger?
  • What are the tell-tale signs that a manager must look for, in your opinion, and experience, when working in high stress environments, that trigger people to become angry?
  • Does anger management work – or is it just a plaster on the real issues and what are they?
  • How is an individual’s progress with anger management monitored?


How angry can people get?

I want to know what gets you angry, please come and share your frustration…

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